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David Álvarez de la Torre

Telecommunication Engineer with special interest on machine learning, software development, probability theory and algorithms. Currently working on risk management at UBS. On this website you can find everything you need to know about my professional career and experiences.
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Who is

David Álvarez de la Torre?

I was born in 1996 in Sitges, a small fishing village close to Barcelona. I grew up surrounded by people that love me, people who have always induced me the idea of pursuing my dreams and becoming a better human being.

My first contact with technology was when I was less than 8 years old. At that time, personal computers were not very popular. Lucky me, my father was one of those early-adopters who had bought one for the family. That computer was pretty primitive but created on me a natural passion for technology and things that I can't understand.

It was not until I became 10 years old when my parents bought me my first personal computer with an Internet connection. I quickly adapted to the Internet and its way of working, so after a couple of years, I started learning how to create webpages. My first project was a very simple HTML/CSS website explaining my favourite online games. I quickly had to learn JavaScript to add functionalities to that static webpage.

Ever since I have always had technology and programming as my highest ability. I can proudly say that I have touched more than 10 programming languages so fast, ranging from Assembly to Python and passing through C, Java, PHP and many others. I used that ability to create a couple of niche blogs, which I took to the top of some high-traffic Google keyword searches. Thanks to that, I could earn a few hundred bucks each month and avoid summer jobs, which I used to learn more about other technologies. Creating things is still today one of my favourite hobbies.

After high school, I decided to choose Telecommunications Engineering as my professional path. In Spain, to be an accredited Telecommunications engineer, you must complete a 4-year official bachelor's program plus a 2-year master's program. I have had the luck to do it in the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, the best university in the country according to different rankings.

During these University years, I have had the opportunity to learn the essentials of mathematics, physics, electronics, digital communications, signal processing and computer science. Having contact with such a broad field of disciplines has helped me to realize what I like the most, which is a combination of machine learning, software development, and other associated fields such as probability theory and algorithms.

I have had three exposures to machine learning research. The first, as part of the subject "Introduction to Research" of my master's, where I investigated multi-speaker text-to-speech systems. The second, as part of my internship at Telefonica Research, where I explored the relationship between the complexity of data and its likelihood when using generative models. The third, as part of my exchange semester at ETH Zürich, where I explored new architectures to perform the task of video inpainting.

As for today, I'm working on applying the last advances on machine learning for the task of risk management at UBS Zurich.

My Last Paper

Input complexity and out-of-distribution detection with likelihood-based generative models

Accepted as a poster at the International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR) of 2020

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